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Who Am I?
~ I was born in 1979 in Scotland.
~ I grew up in South Yorkshire.
~ I have an older brother (Colin) and older sister (Angela), though we didn't grow up together.
~ I used to have chronic nose bleeds so had my nose cauterized when i was 5.
~ I was once a dancer, I did Ballet, Tap, Disco and Stage and earned 18 Medals and a Trophy.
~ I trained as a swimmer, my coach was Alan Blessed (younger brother of the actor Brian Blessed).
~ I had an appendectomy when I was 11 and have a larger than normal scar (10cm)
~ When I was 12 I developed Chondramalacia (this meant my knee kept popping out of its socket)
~ I have always liked music.. I started off playing recorder then moved onto the Trumpet then the Tenor horn and then the Saxophone.
~ I have taken part in 6 musical exchange projects, 3 here in England and 3 in France (VilleFranche and Limonest).
~ I have always enjoyed drawing/sketching and have a preference for cartooning.
~ I enjoy learning... always looking to expand on my knowledge.
~ I am a computer Geek.
~ I have met a large proportion of my friends list in person, many of whom I knew from IRC before Livejournal.
~ I have a tattoo on my lower back
~ I am scared of spiders
~ I met my husband (thelovebug in 1999.
~ We married on 15th December 2001.
~ Our Honeymoon was in Malta.
~ We had our first daughter on 20th October 2005 @ 23:43- Amy Janet Eliza Lee.
~ We had our second daughter on 26th May 2007 @ 12:00 - Cara Mae Louise Lee

Amy Janet Eliza Lee

Cara Mae Louise Lee

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